Traveling from the United States

Some information for our U.S. visitors: It is easier than you think to get the documents you need to travel by car to Canada. While a passport will work, one of the less expensive PASSPORT CARDS or a state issued ENHANCED DRIVER'S LICENSE will also do the trick nicely. The new passport card and enhanced driver's licenses are nice because you can keep them in your wallet and they cost a lot less than a passport. Passports will still be necessary for air travel between countries. See your local US Post Office for the new Passport Card applications or visit their online site a t See your state's motor vehicle / driver's license office for details about enhanced driver's licenses.The reason for the new identification requirements rests on the U.S. side of the border under the North American Travel Initiative passed after 9/11. Even with the new requirements the U.S. / Canada border is still the friendliest border in the world. Don't let a little card hold you back!

News for U.S. Travelers With Children: Children 15 and under will not be required to have a passport when entering the U.S. (or Canada) by land and traveling with an adult. You will need to have an original birth certificate or a copy of it for them and a letter authorizing you to be traveling with them if they are not your children. This is good news for families!