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We sell all Ontario fishing licenses at our office

Prices shown are in Canadian dollars and are for the 2014 fishing season.

Ontario has one of the most reasonable fishing license programs in North America and one that promotes conservation ethics. Residents of Ontario may purchase a year's fishing for $28.89 or pay the reduced price of $16.46 if they agree to abide by special conservation creel limits. In addition, they must pay a $9.68 fee for a credit card sized "Outdoor Card" to hold their yearly sticker. This card is good for 3 years. Those who do not have the card are issued a temporary license until the card arrives in the mail..

Residents of other Canadian provinces can purchase licenses for prices ranging from $32.13 to $54.03 (Conservation & Full Limit license prices) Plus $9.68 for the Outdoors Card if they don't already have one. Prices shown are in Canadian dollars.

Non residents of Canada can purchase licenses ranging from a $29.97 conservation license which is good for 8 days, to a $81.57 full season, full limit license. In between are a number of other options designed to fit most needs and budgets. . Prices shown are in Canadian dollars.

Both resident and non-resident conservation licenses offer a discounted rate for those anglers who practice catch and release fishing. For example, if you were allowed a limit of six pike on a regular license, the limit on the conservation license would be two. Walleye anglers on Lake Clear who have a Conservation license are limited to one fish while Sportfishing license holders are allowed two. It is a nice way of encouraging that which most responsible anglers have been trying to promote for years. These special limits vary for different species and on different lakes.

You can find the latest information at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources' Let's Fish Ontario website.

When you arrive at Opeongo Mountain Resort you will find we carry all licenses in stock and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the fishing regulations.

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